Quantized Inertia is a relatively new concept by physicist Mike McCulloch, at the University of Plymouth in 2007 and is supported by my theory.

The idea is that just as gravity comes from particle/antiparticle attraction across the manifold, this field could also create the effect we see materialize as inertia.

This quantum or quantized inertia would be caused as the field connecting the particle and antiparticle across the manifold would try and keep the two particles as close as possible and so when one moves then the other would need to be moved as well.

The force to move the associated antiparticle would be incumbent on the matter particle and in turn the force would be experienced against what ever was trying to move the matter (or antimatter) particle.

As the particle begins to slow the antiparticle would catch up and we would see the reduction of inertia.  This is inline with what we observe in nature.


If we accept that we established above that inertia is a quantum phenomena and the result of matter particles being drawn to their antimatter counterparts, then we can extend this to angular momentum.

Where particles are moving along a non-linear path then, not only do we have inertia from the particle, but it must be considered that the antiparticle,which has no force acting on (other than it\’s partner matter particle) is also trying to continue on a linear path.

When you are altering the path of a matter particle, you are also indirectly altering the path of it\’s partner particle, creating inertia.  Angular momentum, in this case, is shown to be quantized.


It is possible that Quantum Gravity and Quantized Inertia are the same thing.

In both instances we are observing the behavior of particles which are attracted to each other.

The particles are both drawn to all other particles and also provide resistance to when you try to move them away from each other.

In fact Gravity proves our point. When we try to move away from a mass we experience inertia.

An interesting point arises when we consider that I have said it may be possible to block gravity by  blocking the field from the antiparticle which creates the effect we see as gravity.

If we did block this field then we would also be negating Inertia as well.  This is also in line with our observations in nature.