Being able to identify experiments that will ratify a theory is an exciting step forward in proving a theory and having it accepted by the scientific community.

Below we explore some of the experiments and analysis that I would like to undertake in the short to medium term.  This would help me prove my theory and begin to realize my theory through real world application.

Most of the experiments below are related to Matter/Antimatter Field Theory (MAFT) which lends itself to a number of experiments and is not only the best place to start in terms of realizing IMT in practical applications, but the best way to prove IMT.

Investigation into Cooper Pairs spin symetry being a reflection of Matter/Antimatter pairing

A look into the concept that Spin Symmetry in Cooper Pairs is based on Matter/Antimatter Pairs and that this can be leveraged to obtain higher transition temperatures in superconductors through materials that promote stronger Matter/Antimatter bonding through the manifold.

As an interesting side point, increasing the bonding is also what I believe causes decay in radioactive materials. So it isn’t just about opening a door and letting the Antimatter in, that would cause annihilation.

There could also be a line of research identifying material properties that are conductive, not only on the matter side of the manifold, but on the antimatter side as well. Keeping this symmetry in the material might also promote location bias on the antimatter side keep the pair in closer proximity, this may, in turn, decrease quantum inertia on the particle as it is effectively traveling through the material (hopefully unhindered) very close to it partner particle, which is also traveling unhindered.

Perhaps the nature of quantum inertia is directly related to antimatter always being dragged along with the particle. If this is the case we can look to super-fluids for hints as to the nature of a material that is symmetrically conductive, where both particle and Antiparticle can flow freely together through the material.

High Power Density Matter/Antimatter Reactions through the exploitation of IMT

One of the core tenants of IMT is that the Manifold is permeable and, in theory, this can be used to change the nature of the manifold and cause single particle antiparticle reactions and looking at existing physics knowledge points to a number of places to start.

One of the first places we can look, for a moment overlooking the leper like status of Cold Fusion experiments within the scientific community, is at the anomalous results from Cold Fusion experiments in general.  Revisiting these in light of IMT and the possibility of matter / antimatter reactions utilizing Antimatter extracted from the manifold, we have a starting direction for IMT driven matter / antimatter reactions in a low energy / temperature environment.

There are additional pointers to matter / antimatter reactions from radioactive decay of materials. Both the energy and by products support some form of breakdown in the manifold membrane allowing particles to annihilate each other on an individual basis.

The annihilation remaining the domain of individual particles can form the basis for the long lasting nature of radioactive decay and the fact that the decay is not a run-away cascade event with other nearby matter.

This realization also supports and impacts out efforts to construct a reactor, although the reactor would not be self-sustaining, which is bad for power generation, but good for safety, the output energy would far exceed the input requirement by orders of magnitude due to the matter antimatter nature of the reaction.

Investigation into Blocking Gravitational Forces

While IMT doesn’t provide for anti-gravity, it does provide for blocking or limiting the strong force through the manifold, ergo, blocking or reducing gravity.

This is an exciting possibility, especially in concert with my overarching goal of building a propulsion system.

This investigation takes us in the complete opposite direction of the other experiments listed here.  While they focus on manipulating the manifold to increase exposure to the antimatter, this experiment tries to block it completely.

The ramifications of blocking matter’s access to it’s antiparticle, especially in light of IMT is intriguing to say the least.  At this stage I haven’t even entered into any thought experiments on this, other than, to identify that we can draw on some of the insights from the other experiments listed here.

While the focus of other experiments here highlight opening the barrier, we can use this as a starting point to look at what it would take to flip this around to blocking instead.

In terms of a propulsion system… imagine a platform below the main ship, its only requirement is to lift itself, irrespective of the weight of our main ship above.  This platform would block gravitational forces from a planet (in this case earth) until our main ship was clear of the planets gravity.

At that time the ship would be clear to head out into space.  If there was a requirement to land on another planet or moon, it would simply take the platform with it.

A point to note here, is while the platform would need to be attached to the ship for practical reasons, it could not be done in any way that caused it to be molecularity bonded with the ship or any of it’s material or this would most likely result in a translation of, at least some, if not all, of the gravitational force effecting the platform.